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Particularly useful to the industrialist is the prospect of task automation. Automation in the manufacturing industry can improve production output and reduce costs. A modern, competitive workforce must be technically literate and know the ins and outs of programmable logic controllers. New state of the art electromechanical and electronic devices and equipment use PLCs to increase manufacturing flexibility, simplify processes, and improve safety. Automation also allows a better quality of life for workers while maintaining quality, efficiency, and a market for the product produced.

          Automation Electrical Controls

Diamond Controls is an experienced and reputable provider of automation control services beginning from wiring a new automated system to maintenance and repair of your existing system s. To prevent interruptions in production, don't wait for something to go wrong with your machines, call Diamond Controls for a system check-up. If something does go wrong, we will be on site to get you back on course and get production back on schedule. When you are looking for a professional contractor to take care of your automation machine wiring call Diamond Controls Inc. Our experienced electricians and technicians are capable of wiring custom automated machines to exact customer specifications. We have experience in different applications including motorized equipment, motor control cicuits, PLC hardwire installs, electrical modifications,  robotic cells, palletizing and technical assistance. 

Custom Control Panel Building

Custom control panel building is another service we offer. Our wiremen can advise on design and layout of your electrical control panel project. We can be on site for the assembly of the panels or build off site and install the epuipment as nessesary. Machine control panels typically include devices such as transformers, motor control circuits and drives, motion controllers, safety circuits and relays, PLC hardware and terminal wiring. We have skilled techicians able install this equipment and wire it in a neat and professional manner.

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