The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) was established in 1999 to enhance public electrical safety in Ontario. Their activities include ensuring compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC), licensing of electrical contractors and master electricians, raising awareness, educating, and providing training in electrical safety amonst other things. 

As a licensed electrical contractor Diamond Controls is responsible for ensuring that all our work is Code compliant and safe. Most electricians would agree that working safely and installing electrical equipment properly is a top priorty our trade. No one wants to be responsible for somebody getting hurt. 

All electrical work done in Ontario must comply with the OESC. The OESC is a legal, detailed technical document explaining the minimum standards for electrical installations.

Even when the work is completed by a licensed electrical contractor, it still must be inspected by an ESA inspector. This is to ensure all electrical intallations across Ontario are consistantly built to the same safety standards.

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