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         Industrial Electrical Contractors

Diamond Controls Inc. has an extensive knowledge of various industrial applications in and around the Waterloo Region, including Cambridge and Kitchener, with our electricians being involved in a variety of projects. DCI provides full support to plant electrical maintenance personnel.  Our people understand the importance of work schedules to minimize production interference.  We know the urgency of emergency production downtime situations and are prepared to respond accordingly.

            Industrial Electrical Installations 

Diamond Controls is capable of the planning and installation of electrical power distribution systems. We’re meticulous wiremen who apply best practices in all our work including power distribution system maintenance. We can install new sub-services to accommodate new equipment and evaluate your existing electrical systems and suggest and best solutions to eliminate power interruptions.

Our licensed electricians can assist you with preventative electrical  maintenance. It is possible for wire connections will loosen and you may even be faced with machine failure from time to time. Routine maintenance from a highly experienced electrical contractor like Diamond Controls will ensure that you don’t have to deal with sudden shutdowns or serious electrical accidents. Our timely service and skilled electricians will keep your machines and systems running at peak efficiency and in a cost-effective manner.

       Custom Wiring for Machine Installations

Every type of machine has very specific needs. As experienced electrical contractors, Diamond Controls is well-versed with the electrical requirements of a wide variety of machinery and appliances. Problems due to improper installation, manufacturing defects and wear and tear need immediate attention. Qualified technicians will make sure that your wiring is up-to-speed so that your machines continue to work at peak performance. Whether you need to install a single piece of equipment, a complete production line or move your entire building from one location to another, DCI's dedicated team of industrial electricians will meet critical deadlines, minimize your downtime and install production machinery to maximize productivity and efficiency.

       Industrial Maintenance Electricians

Our maintenance electricians have experience in different industrial environments such as food processing, automotive, distribution, construction, manufacturing, and packaging facilities. DCI's electricians are very knowledgeable with many different motor control, robot, instrumentation, press control and safety interlock applications. We are able to assist with diagnostics and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic systems in relation to the electrical system.
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