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Correcting ESA Defects

Any time an electrical installation, repair, or replacement is performed on a residence or business in Ontario, the work must comply with Ontario Electrical Safety codes.

Whenever permits for electrical work are taken out, this triggers an inspection from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). If any electrical work is found to be substandard, the ESA will issue a notice of deficiency.

If you receive a notice of deficiency, the work will need to be corrected and brought up to code. Here is the best way to ensure that you don’t need to have the defect corrected more than once.

Hire a licensed contractor

Only a licensed electrical contractor is insured and qualified to correct defects identified in an ESA inspection. A licensed contractor only employs qualified electricians and meets higher standards for supervision, administration, and safety.

Additionally, a licensed electrical contractor will have a designated master electrician on hand to help you, and ensure the quality of the work.

It’s easier to work with a licensed electrical contractor

A licensed contractor will be able to arrange for any permits you need to correct ESA defects and schedule an inspection of the corrected deficiencies.

Additionally, a licensed electrical contractor will be able to issue a certificate of inspection, so that you can prove that you’ve gotten the issue taken care of.

The electrical contractor’s license protects you too

Any electrical work that’s performed by an unlicensed contractor (or handyman, or work you’ve done yourself) is not covered by your insurance.

If you have an insurance claim that can be traced back to damage or an injury caused by electrical work done by an unlicensed electrical contractor, your insurance company will likely deny the claim.

The certificate of inspection provided by a licensed electrical contractor not only allows you to prove the quality of the work to the ESA, it could save you money on insurance claims.

Hiring a licensed electrical contractor is safer

The ESA requires permits for even simple electrical work. This is because substandard electrical work can be catastrophic. It’s not just a matter of money; an electrical hack-job can cause electrical shocks or fires.

These are serious hazards that could be deadly. This danger compounds with the fact that your insurance could deny claims related to electrical work done by uncertified electricians.


Before you let anyone tinker with the wires in your home or business, check their credentials and make sure that they’ve got the licensing and insurance to protect you and them.

If you need ESA defects corrected by a licensed and insured electrical contractor in Ontario, get in touch with us at or call us at (519) 632-9618.

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