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Electrical Shock Hazards and its Effects

Eliminating hazards at the workplace can become easy if workers identify and control hazards properly.

A workplace is always exposed to certain risks, and electrical contractors in Ontario and all over the world have to be careful to avoid any injury. The electrical contractor at Cambridge Ontario considers every possible measure to keep the environment and employees safe from any hazard and its dire effects.

The working conditions for electricians are perilous if care is absent. Poor working conditions, inadequate knowledge, and lack of experience often contribute to electrical hazards and result in a fatal injury. While working, electrical contractors at Diamond Controls understand the sensitivity of the issue and take measures while working around electricity.

What is an Electrical Hazard?

Any indirect or direct contact with an energized conductor may result in electric shock. The recipient may get a shock. It can cause damage to the workplace or property.

Registered electrical contractors have to deal with electrical installations every day. As they are working in unsafe conditions, arc flash, arc blast or electric shock might go through the body.

Keeping this probability in mind, it is essential to give proper training to potential electricians. Though electrical automation controls have minimized human assistance, it is necessary to be careful while dealing with such tasks.

The Workplace Safety and Prevention Services guides thoroughly about the preventive methods to identify and control hazards.

Electrical Hazards and the Human Body

Electricity, even if it is harnessed, it has the potential to give a fatal injury. Having the power to end human life, electrical professionals need to deal with tasks with the utmost care. They are required to come up with an organized plan to attenuate the effect. Electricians in Waterloo make sure to carefully deal with the installation.

Some of the effects of electrical hazards on the human body are given below:

Muscle Spasm

The current above 10 mA can cause a sustained contraction if it passes through flexor muscles. Flexor muscles are present in our forearms, close to the fingers. The recipient feels unable to let go of the source and as a result, it increases the severity of the shock due to prolonged contact.

It can also cause a muscle spasm, which in extreme cases, may end up propelling the victim if the hip extensors receive the shock. It can also cause muscles, tendons and ligaments to tear up as a result of contraction caused by the trauma. In case the current is high, it can burn the tissues.

Cardiac Arrest

Electrical installation contractors may go into a cardiac arrest if a current of 50mA passes through their hearts. The rhythm of our heart is controlled by electric impulses and if current from an external source passes through it, it can disturb the heart’s rhythm. The irregular heartbeat is called arrhythmia.

This can lead to ventricular fibrillation. When this condition occurs, the heart stops pumping the blood. The victim might end up losing consciousness and might die if a defibrillator is not used to restore the heartbeat.

One key thing to remember here is that arrhythmia can occur immediately after the shock or hours following the shock.

This is the reason that electrical contractors Cambridge Ontario keep every minute detail in mind to avoid the occurrence of any mishap.

Central Nervous System

Electricians in Waterloo and other places in the world often experience dire consequences of electrical hazards. In extreme conditions, one might lose their life.

Nerves resist the passage of electric shock, but this resistance is not enough to prevent any damage. When nerves get affected by the trauma, it can cause numbness, tingling, weakness, pain, and difficulty in movement. These effects might go away with time while some electrical contractors have to live with it forever.

The central nervous system is susceptible to electric shock. When the body comes into contact with the shock, the victim may have amnesia, respiratory arrest, or seizure. Any long-term effect can permanently damage the nervous system and can cause psychiatric disorders in the recipient.

Common Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

Electricians come into contact with electrical equipment daily. While some take extra measures to avoid any mishap, some come under unfavorable circumstances and end up losing their life or receive permanent damage.

Some of the common electrical hazards in the workplace faced by electrical contractors in Cambridge Ontario or other places in the world are given below:

• Energized electrical line: this causes major burns or electrocutes the workers.

• Inappropriate size for wiring: incorrect size can cause fires and overheat.

• Damaged Equipment: using damaged tools or equipment can have severe effects on the human body.

• Improper Grounding: proper grounding can eliminate the passage of unwanted voltage and minimize the risk of electrocution.

• Exposed Electrical Parts: any contact with such parts can cause an electrical hazard.

• Wet Conditions: working in wet conditions dramatically increases the chances of electrocution and this is the reason it is discouraged.

Avoid Working in Vulnerable Conditions

Working beyond your capacity and area of expertise might result in damaging the surroundings and people. Workers are encouraged to work in a safe environment. Using the best electrical safety measures is essential for electrical Cambridge Ontario. Our registered electrical contractors can help you with any installation process.

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