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How to Prevent Electric Shock in the Workplace

Electrocution is one of the major causes of occupational death. Hence careful measures are essential to ensure the safety of the workers.

Safety measures should not be limited to a residential area. While many people make sure to keep their environment safe for their children and loved ones, it is equally important to care about the safety of the workers. Industrial installations require an aggressive approach, and electric shocks are frequent when it comes to dealing with electricity. This is why electricians & electrical contractors need to be careful while working around the electricity. Being electrical contractors in Cambridge, Ontario, we make sure that our employees are working in a safe environment to prevent electric shock in the workplace.

6 Tips to Prevent Electric Shock in the Workplace

Industrial electrical contractors are required to deal with machines and electricity. If enough care is not given, it might result in a fatal injury. As we depend on electricity, electric shocks, and injuries following, it has become common in the workplace. To find the right electrical contractor who has the knowledge and expertise to deal with the matter is essential.

This is the reason that at Diamond Controls, we make sure that our employees are safe and aware of the working conditions.

The following are some tips that can help to prevent electric shocks in the workplace.

Awareness and Knowledge

This cannot be stressed enough. While employees are required to be vigilant while working, it is the primary responsibility of the employer to keep them well equipped and conscious about the safety measures.

Since electrical contractors in Cambridge, Ontario, are dealing with industrial installation daily, so it becomes even more critical. Industrial electrical automation does not require human intervention but still, employees have to be careful while working with the machinery.

It comes as a big challenge for the employer to increase safety awareness. Proper training and sessions are required to make the workers confident while working around electricity and equipment. They should practice all the necessary safety precautions and parameters to ensure their safety as well as the safety of their fellow workers.

Do not Use Aluminum Ladders

Working with ladders for electricians and electrical contractors is common. They need to be careful while using it as the material is a good conductor of electricity.

The use of aluminum ladders is discouraged. Aluminum is a conductor of electricity. Fiberglass that has been insulated is optimum for such tasks. Industrial electrical contractors need to keep this in mind.

Turn Off the Electrical Devices

We all are aware of the importance of the maintenance of machinery. When a company decides a plant downtime day it is usually for the maintenance purpose or to treat the equipment for any signs of malfunction.

In both cases, however, the company needs to turn off the electrical devices. All devices that operate on electricity should be turned off so that any passage or flow of electricity is curtailed for some time.

Any carelessness can lead to electrocution, which can cause a fatal injury in extreme cases.

Stay Away from Wet Areas

Water is not an insulator; in fact, it is one of the active conductors of electricity. This is the reason that working in wet conditions is always discouraged.

For electricians and electrical contractors, it might be difficult to always avoid working in wet conditions. If it is inevitable, then make sure that you are well-equipped. Wear gloves and shoes that can help you working in wet areas. Rubber gloves and boots decrease the intensity of the shock.

In addition to this, all appliances that are being used should be connected to a GFCI extension cord so that it can prevent electrocution. Moreover, keep your hands dry whenever you have to plug or unplug devices.

Display Warning Signs

Displaying a warning sign so that other fellow workers know that someone is working. If an employee is dealing with a panel or circuit, other workers need to know about it. This will inform them about the work going on so that they do not turn the circuit.

Accidental shock cases are common when there are a lot of people working in the same place. So make sure you have ample warning signs to inform the workers about the different working conditions.

Do Not Use Faulty Equipment

Using faulty equipment is never a good idea. While it can injure someone, in some cases, it can damage the workplace. Always be careful while working with machinery.

If you have a doubt, you can always ask instead of trying it.

These are some essential tips that can help in making the workplace a safe environment to work in.

Work in Safe Working Conditions to Prevent Electric Shock

For electrical contractors in Cambridge, Ontario, it is common to deal with electricity every day. To prevent any accident or mishap, it is the responsibility of the employer to create safe working conditions for its employees. Moreover, they should also educate them about it. We make sure that our employees are working in a safe environment so that they do not fall prey to any mishap.

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