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Three Electrical Jobs You’ll Need an Experienced Contractor For

Any electrical contractor with the proper training can confidently complete certain electrical jobs. However, there are some tasks for which you’ll want a contractor with specialized training and prior experience.

Industrial electrical installations

For industrial applications, the wiring and connections of the initial installation is the foundation of the operation.

A properly installed and maintained power distribution system minimizes long-term operation costs and production interruption. Industrial machinery has very specific power requirements. Poorly or incorrectly installed power supply wiring can result in inefficient operation, increased maintenance costs, and shorter equipment lifespans.

The critical nature of industrial power distribution systems means that experience working with these specialized systems is just as important as proper training and credentials.

An experienced contractor has the knowledge to anticipate common complications that can arise during the installation of these complex systems. They’ll be able to streamline the installation process, and eliminate the need for follow-on corrective work.

Custom industrial wiring

Even as complex as industrial power supply wiring can be, occasionally the layout of the facility, the number or type of machines being installed, or other factors may make the project even more complicated.

In these situations, it may be necessary to fabricate and install a custom power distribution or control system. Often, a custom design goes beyond the scope of initial technical training.

In these situations, even a competent electrical contractor will need to use their intuition and experience to create and implement a system that will meet the specifications and demands of your facility and equipment.

Only an electrical contractor with a solid base of experience in these specialized fields will be able to make the best judgment calls and produce efficient, code-compliant custom work.

Industrial maintenance

Manufacturers often put tamper-proof covers and screws on their machinery to prevent access by untrained professionals.

Performing maintenance routines without the proper training and expertise can cause damage to the machinery or actually reduce the operating efficiency of the equipment.

This means it’s critical to have only the most qualified and experienced technicians cracking your industrial machinery open. Maintenance routines may appear simple. It may be tempting to perform maintenance yourself or hire the lowest bidding contractor to cut costs.

However, the lowest bidding contractor likely doesn’t specialize in working with industrial electronics. Hiring an electrical contractor with experience in maintaining industrial electronics is like taking your BMW to the BMW dealership for repairs rather than the local garage.


Hiring a properly certified and licensed contractor is important. But, experience is what really makes an electrical contractor a good fit.

Before you sign on with a contractor, be sure to ask a few questions to determine if they have experience specific to your needs.

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